All The Tools You Need To Run A Successful Equine Assisted Coaching Program are in WISE Coach Club!

WISE Coach Club WCC is dedicated to teaching you coaching skills and providing you with real world coaching tools to use with clients.  We have created this membership by listening to our members and committing ourselves to meeting their needs inside WCC.  Every month we select a new case study or client demographic to explore.  We teach our members how to apply our WISE Model tools to that demographic.  In the same month you are learning all about our client of of the month we are also writing a 6 week equine assisted coaching program for them.  This program is member driven and the creation process starts on our weekly calls.  At the end of the month Delena will polish it all up and upload a finished booklet for you to use with your clients!  You are welcome to either print the booklet out or access it on our App while working with your clients.    

Not only do you have the content that we create together, Delena and Cindy are always coming up with new and amazing worksheets, forms, journals, questionnaires and equine assisted activities that you can use within your practice. 

Because Delena is a college professor she is constantly assessing our materials and making sure that we are teaching tools that are effective, easy to use and applicable to all clients.  At the same time our social worker, Cindy, is making sure that we are creating materials that are not outside of the scope of coaching.  Cindy is also looking at the curriculum and assuring that we are mindful of mental health needs in our client communities and assuring that we address mental health emergencies and learn to practice ethically and through a trauma informed lens.

Stay in WCC as long as you like.  You will continue to get Skill Specific Certificates every time you complete a coaching module!  All sessions are recorded and uploaded in our membership site so you will never miss a thing.

As a WISE Life Coach Club member you are also eligible to attend our in person trainings with the horses!  These are optional training retreats and are meant to hon and enhance all of our online training.  We can't wait to see you online and at the farm!  You will be the first to know when we add on an in person training with the horses.

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Learn, grow your business, while you network and  collaborate with like minded people seeking to change the lives of their clients through equine assisted services.


Never worry again about what you will be doing with your clients and horses!  You have curriculum and resources all at your fingertips.   Enjoy our speciality certifications and take our foundational WISE Certification Online Course starting August 1, 2023.

You’re just a few steps away from all these amazing benefits. Join today and cancel any time. No questions asked.


From Delena & Cindy:


To us, your success and the success of your clients is personal. You’re not building your business alone. 


You now have a college educator, horse professional & mental health professional here to support you!


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