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We Certify Horse Loving Professionals in Equine Assisted Health & Wellness Coaching!

WISE Model coaches are prepared to coach with and without horses.  Our students work online, in a digital environment, on the farm with horses, or anywhere else they wish to connect with their clients.

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WISE Life Coach Academy's Virtual Barnyard

where horse loving professionals, that are interested in improving the health and wellness of others, are invited to embark on a transformative journey. 

WISE Life Coach Academy wants our coaches to have a wonderful life full of freedom, flexibility and and time.  While they are becoming exceptional WISE coaches, our clients are also learning how to coach digitally (for example on Zoom), create online courses, clubs and memberships that support their horse coaching programs.  We call this strategy " Online to Equine."   WISE Coaches may have their own farms or rent facilities to host retreats using this framework.  It is very easy to adapt to the needs of our coaches.

Our innovative and comprehensive health and wellness model, known as the WISE Model, is meticulously crafted to guide individuals through a seamless transition between online coaching and course creation to facilitating sessions with the horses. 

At WISE Life Coach Academy, we are dedicated to empowering your coaching business by unlocking it's full potential, while fostering a unique environment that promotes continuous growth, innovation, and excellence.  

Whether you are drawn to our on-the-ground coaching with the horses or aspire to make a significant digital impact in the health of others, WISE Life Coach Academy stands as your committed partner in shaping a coaching destiny that goes beyond ordinary. Join us in this transformative adventure, where coaching becomes a catalyst for lasting change and inspiration.

Why Choose the WISE Model as your coaching modality to impact your client's health and wellness?

Holistic Transition to Certified WISE Coach!

Our WISE Model ensures a holistic transition from equine specialist or therapist to a successful coach, emphasizing both on-the-ground and online coaching.

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Personal Coaching Program Development Support

We specialize in helping you carve out a health and wellness specialty that resonates with your passion and expertise, setting you apart in the coaching world.

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Online Coaching Provides Income Boost, Flexibility and Freedom

Explore the world of online course creation to supplement your income during the off-season, ensuring financial stability throughout the year.  We know that it is not easy to work in the barn all year.  This strategy provides the opportunity to go on vacation, to time off, ride your horse or avoid working outside in extreme weather

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How Can We Help You ?

Personalized Coaching

Our expert coaches provide one-on-one guidance to support your unique journey.

Skill Enhancement

Elevate your coaching skills through comprehensive programs designed for meaningful client connections.

Business Strategy

Develop a robust business strategy to thrive in both on-the-ground and online coaching environment

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Meet the Barnyard Professors!

Delena Kay Austin

Delena Kay Austin has been certified as an equine specialist/horse professional in multiple modalities and is the creator of The WISE Model of Coaching. She brings over 25 years of teaching experience at Macomb Community College and a lifetime of horse experience.   Delena has evolved Wisdom Ranch from somewhere people can utilize horses to discover and overcome unhealthy patterns and behaviors to a certification program that allows knowledgeable horse enthusiasts and equine assisted practitioners to become certified in The WISE Model of Coaching and get assistance creating a practice offering unique to them.

Cindy Garavaglia

Cindy Garavaglia has been practicing in the field of social work for over 25 years.  She is experienced and skilled in all areas of social work including private practice, hospitals, employee assistance programs, access,  and community and mental health.  When Cindy experienced life coaching she found she enjoyed utilizing her education and experience in a new way.  She loves the versatility of the WISE Model and the ability to work with forward focused and solution oriented individuals.

Together Delena and Cindy laugh and learn together every day.   They can't wait to work with you.

"Life Coaching is only 30 years old, and the industry has become more impressive in the past few years. The life coaching industry has a $1 billion value in the US." -Coach Foundation 

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