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Welcome To The WISE Life Coach Academy Barnyard

The Gates Are Open and Ready For You To Break Through Barriers and Transform the Lives of Your Clients as a WISE Life Coach!

We educate WISE Equine Assisted Life Coaches and mentor them as they build businesses with freedom, impact and horseplay!


 Therapists and Equine Specialists are working hard to change lives.  There are no days off, no vacations and it is demanding, stressful and sometimes overwhelming to build an equine assisted healing business, maintain a farm, care for horses as well as a family, a full-time job and maybe a little selfcare. I should know.  I lived it.  I thought it would be a dream come true.

Why I Sold The Farm and Went Online to Equine

Unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day.  If you have a horse business, or want one, with a lot of freedom, flexibility, and the ability to do horse sessions whenever you want to , then WISE Academy may be for you.  I wanted the freedom to do horse sessions on my time but I also wanted to be able to travel and enjoy time off with my loved ones.  I wanted to simplify my life and create an opportunity for a little more selfcare.  I wanted horses in my life too.  I figured out a way I could have it all.  

WISE Academy of Wisdom Ranch is for you if:

You love seeing the transformation that the horses help create in your clients but don't necessarily have the desire, time, or means to have a thriving horse farm?  Maybe you have other things that you would like to invest time and money in?  Selfcare, travel, time with your family, kids and friends? Traditionally, adding more hours to your already busy day is the only way you can scale your horse therapy business.  What if there was another way?

How WISE Academy is Different:

Wisdom Ranch can teach you to do this work online to equine.  We support you as you create your online group program AND help you develop the tools needed to work with your clients and horses.  This way you can work as much or as little as you want or need to.  You can have clients from all over the country!  Then, you can invite those clients to retreats at your farm or another facility anywhere in the country or even the world!  With our program you do not need to even own horses.  You can lease space and horses from other farms and facilities, even horse rescues!  You are doing a good thing for yourself and helping other horse lovers (as well as the horses).  This makes great business sense!

Why Online to Equine Strategy is Great Business Sense:

Imagine you have an online course (don't panic!  We will help you create it) that teaches psychoeducational content to your clients (yep!  we will help you create that too).  Then, you meet with clients on Zoom or the phone in a group program for one or two hours a week.  The cherry on top is you can invite these online clients to a retreat to enhance your coaching transformation. 

This is high touch and high impact coaching for your clients.  It is also relatively cheap to run a digital business.  You could pay for the horses and facility only when you are doing retreats if you like.  Or, you could support your farm with your online program and have more time do work with your own horses.  Creating a life on your terms is WISE.  We are all about building a business around our needs and not letting that business run us.

The beauty of WISE is we support you as you set up your business to enhance your desired lifestyle.  

Delena's Story:

Last year I sold my farm and moved into town.  I've never been happier.  The worry and stress of hay prices, keeping the fencing up, feeding and caring for my beloved horses was overwhelming.  I cracked.  I knew something had to change.   My kids did not like living where I did business.  They felt they had to stay inside when I had clients over.  When I finally decided to stop identifying myself as a farm owner and start identifying myself as a horse lover and entrepreneur that wanted to create a better life for herself it all became clear.  I needed to move on.  Now, I work with horses from multiple facilities when I want to.  I can work with clients 8 hours a month and schedule retreats as many weekends as I like to get my horse time.  It is truly freeing and invigorating and all the best parts of doing the work with none of the overwhelm or stressors I was suffering from before.  Does this sound like you?  Is it time for a little "online to equine strategy" in your life?  If so, I cannot wait to work with you!


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Mental Health Professional WISE Equine Assisted Coaching and Consulting Certification 


Use your education and experience as an equine assisted coach & consultant for more impact, fun and fulfillment.

Are you underpaid, overwhelmed and seeking a change in your practice?  Do you love nature, horses, dogs and other animals and think they have great wisdom to share?   We do too!  And we would love to help you include them in your practice.

We are passionate about sharing the most cutting edge coaching, consulting and business strategies available to assist mental health professionals find more balance, impact and freedom.

Learn How Equine Assisted Coaching & Consulting Could Change Your Life

Equine Specialist & Horse Professional WISE Equine Assisted Coaching & Consulting Certification


Enhance your skills to utilize your horse knowledge and education with clients of your own. 

Are you an Equine Specialist that has struggled to find a mental health professional partner?  Maybe you just want to be able to work as a solo entrepreneur?  It is possible!  Become an Equine Assisted Life Coach or Consultant!

We know you are working hard to make your dreams come true in this field.  Let us help you build the horse business of your dreams on YOUR terms.

Learn How Equine Assisted Coaching & Consulting Could Change Your Life

Straight From The Horses Mouth!

Testimonials from our Former WISE Students: Raving About Our Offerings!


The WISE Coaching course went far above and beyond what I expected.  Not only did I learn how to help more people in my equine-assisted coaching business, but my skill set grew to help a far larger audience, my peers and even help achieve my own goals, which all happened in a few short months!  So much content, great teacher and training you can use today to make your dream horse business thrive!

Tina Michalski

“I have taken this course and highly recommend WISE and Delena. She is very knowledgeable about
where people should head. She doesn’t tell you; she lets you figure it out. Some of the best training I
have taken. If you are looking to take the next step to a better you and a better life, WISE is where you need to look.”running with confidence.”

Sandy Larson

“The retreat was a welcoming environment; I felt a part of the community of likely minded
women/people. The retreat helped open myself up to possibilities working with horses and humans in
their empowerment and growth. Lots of peer support, creativity in creating a business plan and personal support and self-care.”

Meet the Barnyard Professors!

Delena Kay Austin

Delena Kay Austin has been certified as an equine specialist/horse professional in multiple modalities and is the creator of The WISE Model of Coaching. She brings over 25 years of teaching experience at Macomb Community College and a lifetime of horse experience.   Delena has evolved Wisdom Ranch from somewhere people can utilize horses to discover and overcome unhealthy patterns and behaviors to a certification program that allows knowledgeable horse enthusiasts and equine assisted practitioners to become certified in The WISE Model of Coaching and get assistance creating a practice offering unique to them.

Cindy Garavaglia

Cindy Garavaglia has been practicing in the field of social work for over 25 years.  She is experienced and skilled in all areas of social work including private practice, hospitals, employee assistance programs, access,  and community and mental health.  When Cindy experienced life coaching she found she enjoyed utilizing her education and experience in a new way.  She loves the versatility of the WISE Model and the ability to work with forward focused and solution oriented individuals.

Together Delena and Cindy laugh and learn together every day.   They can't wait to work with you.

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Meet Your Instructors

Cindy Garavaglia & Delena Austin


Our Expertise: 

Cindy Garavaglia: Mental Health Expert

Delena Austin:  Coaching & Consulting Education, Curriculum & Program Development with Horses, Dogs and Online

"Life Coaching is only 30 years old, and the industry has become more impressive in the past few years. The life coaching industry has a $1 billion value in the US." -Coach Foundation 

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