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Are any of the following statements true for you?


  • You are a horse professional or equine specialist that wants to work independent of a mental health professional to create more opportunity for your equine assisted business.
  • You are certified in an equine assisted modality that requires a partner but you cannot seem to find the right fit for you or your business.  This is a very common problem and you are not alone!  Many equine specialists and mental health professionals have spent a lot of money in training and certification only to find they cannot find the right partner.  If they do have a partner you might not have the same schedule, needs or way of working.  
  • You are a therapist that is excited to move into the coaching arena and enjoy working with forward focused and solution oriented clients.  And horses!
  • You are on a mission to change the lives of others through your love of horses, personal development and nature. 
  • You have horse sense, passion, ambition, and desire to do the work but are feeling lost, confused and unsure of where to start. 
  • You are interested in  creative and simple horse sessions that are effective and engaging for your clients.
  • You want more versatility in your horses sessions.  WISE is a conversation to be sprinkled into your horse sessions and you can ride, do ground work and use all your horse savvy with the WISE Model to keep your clients moving forward.
  • You want a streamlined and easy to use coaching model that is empowering and assists clients in learning to follow, and trust, their personal wisdom
  • You are longing for a way to create more time and freedom in your schedule.  WISE is a model that can be used on the phone, on Zoom and with horses!


Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned practitioner, WISE  Coach Club (WCC) is right for you if you answered yes to any of the statements above.  Certification is done within our club and you can stay and learn as long as you like.  Courses and offerings are all done at your own pace and you can print out your WISE Certificates anytime.  There are no fees to recertify and no licensing fees either.  We just want to provide resources to help the busy practitioner serve their clients.  If this sounds like a community you would like to be a part of we look forward in seeing you in WCC soon!  

The Gates to WISE Coach Club are Open!

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Meet the Barnyard Professors!

Delena Kay Austin

Delena Kay Austin has been certified as an equine specialist/horse professional in multiple modalities and is the creator of The WISE Model of Coaching. She brings over 25 years of teaching experience at Macomb Community College and a lifetime of horse experience.   Delena has evolved Wisdom Ranch from somewhere people can utilize horses to discover and overcome unhealthy patterns and behaviors to a certification program that allows knowledgeable horse enthusiasts and equine assisted practitioners to become certified in The WISE Model of Coaching and get assistance creating a practice offering unique to them.

Cindy Garavaglia

Cindy Garavaglia has been practicing in the field of social work for over 25 years.  She is experienced and skilled in all areas of social work including private practice, hospitals, employee assistance programs, access,  and community and mental health.  When Cindy experienced life coaching she found she enjoyed utilizing her education and experience in a new way.  She loves the versatility of the WISE Model and the ability to work with forward focused and solution oriented individuals.

Together Delena and Cindy laugh and learn together every day.   They can't wait to work with you.

Straight From The Horses Mouth!

Testimonials from our Former WISE Students: Raving About Our Offerings!


The WISE Coaching course went far above and beyond what I expected.  Not only did I learn how to help more people in my equine-assisted coaching business, but my skill set grew to help a far larger audience, my peers and even help achieve my own goals, which all happened in a few short months!  So much content, great teacher and training you can use today to make your dream horse business thrive!

Tina Michalski

“I have taken this course and highly recommend WISE and Delena. She is very knowledgeable about
where people should head. She doesn’t tell you; she lets you figure it out. Some of the best training I
have taken. If you are looking to take the next step to a better you and a better life, WISE is where you need to look.”running with confidence.”

Sandy Larson

“The retreat was a welcoming environment; I felt a part of the community of likely minded
women/people. The retreat helped open myself up to possibilities working with horses and humans in
their empowerment and growth. Lots of peer support, creativity in creating a business plan and personal support and self-care.”

Bernadette H.

"Retreats have been attended by individuals with many talents and gifts that were enhanced by the horses. Delena stays involved with past and current students who want to stretch and grow in forward motion.  Just do it!  You won't be disappointed!"

Ashlee Nygren

"Very interactive and educational.  Great group of women.  Enjoyed interacting wit the horses."

Christina Beaubien

"I loved the in person portion!  It was great to connect with others who share your passion and to build on your resource library!  The horses added so much and it was great to see the methods and activities demonstrated.  The idea o fhaving coaches participate in the practice makes it way more meaningful!"

Michelle Sandifer

"Working with these ladies in learning how to be a successful life coach was a one of a kind experience I will never forget. They have been so supportive and the accountability is great and I learned so much from this program."

Tammie Miller

"An absolutely amazing organization that truly cares about their clients. I have had the honor of working with these ladies through my rescue organization and they are two of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met."

"Life Coaching is only 30 years old, and the industry has become more impressive in the past few years. The life coaching industry has a $1 billion value in the US." -Coach Foundation 

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